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Employment Support

Community Resource Specialists provide the following employment support for customers:

  • Resume assistance - We will help you build and format your professional resume 

  • Job referrals/leads - We can offer job leads in the area, as well as online job postings

  • Interview Training - We can teach you how to conduct yourself in a professional manner  during the interview process

There are no additional documents required for these services. 

CAN partners with community resources to provide connections to employment workshops and activities in the area. 

Baltimore County Department of Economic and Workforce Development

Historic Courthouse, Suite 100
400 Washington Avenue
Towson, Maryland 21204

Director: Will Anderson

LEAP Program

Need a high school diploma? Want to go to college, but not sure how to get there? Need career help or a job? 

If you are 18–24 years old, and need help finding the path to success, the LEAP program can help. LEAP (Learn. Earn. Achieve. Progress) is a Baltimore County grant-funded program designed to help young people get started on their career path. 

Click the logo for more information.

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