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After School Programs

Located in the Rosedale and Garden Village areas, the After School Programs provide homework assistance, tutorial assistance, and partnerships with various youth groups designed to teach responsible decision making. Initiatives with local schools enable parents to work more effectively with children. Students can also gain their service learning hours.

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Food Pantry

CAN provides healthy food throughout Baltimore County to eligible residents. The supplemental food package provides enough food for approximately 5 to 7 days. There are monthly educational workshops, which are free to the public. These workshops aim to aide residents regarding nutrition, meal planning, and healthy snacks for children and food preparation.

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Homeless Shelters & Housing Services

CAN operates two of Baltimore County’s largest Shelters, serving a population of over 250 men, women, and children each day. Rapid Re-housing specialist are located at each shelter to assist residents with finding housing and conduct follow-up after an individual has moved out of the shelter. CAN also operates the Samaritan Housing Initiative Program, federally funded by HUD to house and provide support to 15 chronically homeless men and women in Baltimore County with a diagnosed disability.

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Outreach Programs

Providing Support in the community, CAN has placed qualified Community Resource Specialists (CRS) to assist with rental and utility assistance. Contact a CRS near you for an immediate consultation. 

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