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Stories like these are the reason CAN​ works so hard towards our mission. Moving families and individuals towards self-sufficiency is an amazing feeling we loved to share. 

Ms. Burns was provided with Rental Assistance through CAN's Eviction Prevention program services. Raising two children as a single parent is hard, but even more challenging when disabled.

The CAN Essex Community Resource Specialist, Diana Mason, was able to prevent this family from becoming homeless. Ms. Burns was connected with another community housing provider who will assist with other housing stability services for a period of 6 months.

This Thanksgiving, Ms. Burns and the family were able to stay home and enjoy the turkey provided by CAN and other essential housing needs. CAN Partner, Creative Kids Community Centers, in Essex, provided Ms. Burns with clothing, MD Zoo tickets, and other household items. Ms. Lee from DSS also assisted this family with CAN and Creative Kids, by expediting the process of payment on their end, due to the client's disability. CAN follow-up services will be provided to this household to ensure Ms. Burns is on the path to self-sufficiency.

Ms. Evans came to the CAN Food Pantry and received more than food from Ms. Janinne Vargus. Ms. Vargus, the Food Intake Coordinator, was able to assist Ms. Evans with getting an extension on her utilities, refer her to DSS and CAN for eviction prevention, and provide clothing.

Best of all for Ms. Evans, CAN provided encouragement that sparked a sense of hope!

Ms. Pollock visited the CAN Food Pantry, expecting to receive just a CAN box and some frozen meat. Ms. Pollock expressed to Ms. Nykerra Armstead (Service Linked Housing Program, Resident Advocate) who was volunteering for the day, if CAN had any turkeys she didn't know the answer would be---YES.


Ms. Pollock was so grateful it brought her and Ms. Armstead to tears. Ms. Pollock stated she had been visiting multiple places to find and turkey and ended up with not one.

Little did Nykerra know, it was more than the turkey! Ms. Pollack shared with CAN staff her children were taken away, legally, from her sixteen years ago and this Thanksgiving 2017 would be the first Thanksgiving Ms. Pollock would be reunited and spending it with her children.

Ms. Downes and her family arrived to the CAN Eastside Family Recourse Center in December of 2021. During their stay, Ms. Downes engaged in all resident meetings,

and responded to all requests to ensure the next chapter in her journey to self-sufficiency was a success. Working with the staff at the Eastside shelter, ultimately,

all her hard work and dedication paid off! After 7 months of staying at the shelter, she and her children moved into their new home!


The Downes family were all smiles upon departure of CAN's shelter and welcome to their home. This speaks to what GRATITUDE will bring you. Ms. Downes and her

children were always respectful, grateful and willing to do what was asked to get them to where they are now!

Together we CAN make a difference.

Downes family.jpg

If you'd like to share your CAN success story, please contact us.

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