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Community Assistance Network operates two of Baltimore County's largest homeless shelters: the Eastside Family Emergency Shelter, located in Rosedale, and the Westside Men's Emergency Shelter, located in Catonsville.


On any given night, hundreds of people sleep in CAN's shelters. The shelters serve as an all-inclusive resource to help stabilize the homeless of Baltimore County through case management and housing navigation services, aftercare coordination, and Samaritan and Arbutus Housing Program for formerly chronically homeless single adults. 

CAN's purpose in operating the shelters is to provide a safe, clean, supportive community to help stabilize individuals experiencing homelessness in Baltimore County, by promoting self-worth, encouraging personal responsibilities, and providing linkages to community resources. 

Contact Baltimore County Department of Social Services to be referred into a CAN shelter at 410-887-TIME (8463).

Shelter History

In February 1990, CAN opened Baltimore County's two freezing weather shelters. The shelters operated from November through April (1990-2001).

In 2003, CAN's homeless shelters partnered with Baltimore County to extend the vision of freezing weather shelters into an overnight emergency shelter program with the intent to eventually operate them year-round. This included both the Eastside Family Emergency Shelter, a 238 bed facility, located in Rosedale, and the Westside Men's Emergency Shelter, a 154 bed facility, located in Catonsville.

The Eastside Family Emergency Shelter has moved and expanded! Although we did not move far, our capacity has increased to 150 family and single women beds, 50 men, and 38 in transitional housing, as compared to our previous 125. Residents moved in on September 25th, 2017, and we still need help! Please contact April Stevens, Volunteer Coordinator, if you'd like to volunteer or donate towards our new shelter. This new location is now the main shelter for Code Blue. 

Housing Navigation Services

Housing specialists in the shelters ensure that guests are able to live independently before finding them permanent, secure housing. They assist in identifying housing and are able to assist with initial short-term rent and security deposits.


Aftercare Coordination

Aftercare Coordinators acts as a resource navigator and community advocate for guests as they exit the shelter. They work with CAN's Community Outreach Program, along with community partners, to ensure guests receive all inclusive community-based supportive services to help them sustain housing and stay out of the shelters. We also provide beds, food, and gift baskets with kitchen and bathroom supplies to get them started in their new home.

Eastside Family Shelter

Westside Men's Shelter

Arbutus Permanent Supportive Housing

Arbutus and Samaritan Housing

The Samaritan Housing Initiative Program is a federally (HUD) funded housing project. To support HUD's goal of improving housing accessibility for persons with disabilities, the project houses chronically homeless men and women in Baltimore County who have been diagnosed with a disabling condition.


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