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Rental Assistance

If you received a court notice and 1 month behind on your rent, you may qualify for an emergency grant from our agency Community Assistance Network (CAN). Just give us a call for a consultation. Please have all forms of household income available, your total balance you owe (including court fees and late fees), and your court notice.

Recipients must be a Baltimore County resident and must qualify for the program in order to receive assistance. If you have questions or would like a consultation please call us at 410.285.4674 Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. 

Documents Needed for Rental Assistance Appointment


1. All household members 18 and over must be present 

2. ID’s for all household members 18 and over 

  • Proof of replacement ID/DL accepted

3. SS Cards for all household members 

  • Proof from Social Security Administration accepted

4. Income information for all household members 

  • SSI, SSDI, TCA, Food Stamps, Section 8, Paystubs for last 30 days, child support, unemployment, or pension. 

  • If no source of income, in some cases, a client may be able to submit a notarized letter to support lack of income.

5. Current Month Failure to pay notice (court order) 

6. Money order of client payment amount and/or promissory notes from agencies assisting with payment 

7. Current lease 

8. Most recent Utility Bill

9. Documents supporting the need for assistance

  • Landlord letter of intent, eviction notice, homeless referral etc.

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