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CAN provides quality training, education, and resources to raise people’s knowledge and awareness about money management, credit scores, and cash flow for the purpose of eliminating financial stress and creating self-sufficiency. All activities include action steps for clients to move themselves toward greater stability and growth.


Individual customers receiving services from CAN review their budgets with a Community Resource Specialist and identify areas for implementing change. Financial literacy program training provides a basic understanding of money, learning to prioritize needs, and make critical financial decisions.

Help in Hard Times – an informational publication of the United Way of Central Maryland 2-1-1

Contents include:

Survival Plan: Take Charge of Your Life

Securing Your Finances

Housing Concerns

Feeding your Family

Help with Energy Costs

Health Care Resources

Assistance for People with Disabilities

Legal Assistance

Finding Work

Counseling to Help You Through

Money-Stretching Strategies

Suze’s Tools® - Financial tools designed and developed by Suze Orman to help you get on track with your finances.


Debt Eliminator

Expense Tracker

Average Cost Basis Analyzer



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