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Thank you for your participation in our Solicitations Bid for Weatherization Services closed on March 9th, 2015. These bids are current through December 2017.


The awarded parties are indicated in the list below.  Thank you all again for your participation and looking forward to working together.


Company Name                                                 Award #                                Date of Award 

R&J Contractor Services , LLC               RFP # WAP EMP2015001                    3/27/15

Complete Home Solutions                     RFP # WAP EMP2015002                   3/27/15

Home Energy Loss Professionals          RFP # WAP EMP2015003                   3/27/15

TRA Preventive Maintence , LLC           RFP # WAP EMP2015004                   3/27/15

A-C Air Care , LLC                                   RFP # WAP EMP2015005                   3/27/15

Katcoll Enterprises , Inc.                         RFP # WAP EMP2015006                    3/27/15

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